Morning yoga classes in a group bring many benefits.

Rise and Shine: Benefits of Morning Yoga Classes

So you’re not a morning person and morning yoga classes seem daunting. That’s okay. Not everyone rolls out of bed energetic and ready to seize the day. However, making one small change to your morning routine could greatly enhance the quality of your lifestyle. Roll out your yoga mat in a morning yoga class, and you could reap the following fantastic benefits of getting your sweat on in the AM.

Improves Your Focus

You’ve got a long day ahead of you – piles of work, meetings, and running errands. The last thing you need is a tired, groggy brain. Luckily, there’s a great solution to this age-old problem – squeezing in a sweat session before work can actually help improve your focus and your cognitive abilities. In fact, studies have proven that working out is more effective at improving focus than downing a cup of coffee. So start making a habit of joining morning yoga classes and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Reduces Stress

By now, we all know that exercise helps lower stress levels. We also know that stress is extremely damaging to both our physical and mental health, which is why incorporating exercise into our daily routines is important. When you workout in the morning, you can banish stress from the get-go, which means that you can start your day clear-headed and stress-free.

Eliminates Excuses

Have to take the kids to hockey after school? Your significant other decided to plan a spontaneous date night? As the day progresses, plenty of distractions and obligations always seem to pop up, and it can be hard to say no to more exciting plans in order to hit the gym. If you squeeze in a morning yoga class, you’ll have fewer excuses to miss your daily dose of exercise – and you can hit happy hour. Seems like a win-win.

Fires Up Your Metabolism

We all know that we burn calories and boost our metabolism while exercising, but did you know that your metabolism stays fired up long after you workout? This effect is called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC. Basically, if you work out in the AM, your body will be torching extra calories throughout the day, even if you’re stuck sitting at a desk. Exercising first thing in the morning ensures that your metabolism will be revving all day long.

Curbs Cravings

As the day goes by, our willpower seems to fade away, making those cookies and cake in the break room seem irresistible. Studies have shown that working out in the morning can help stave off cravings throughout the day, which means that you’ll be more likely to resist that free slice of post-meeting pizza.

Boosts Your Energy

Do you feel like a walking zombie until you take that first sip of coffee in the morning? Then you could significantly benefit from morning workouts, as getting your heart pumping early in the AM helps boost energy and wake up the mind so that you’re ready to attack the day. Who knows? Once you adopt a morning workout routine, you might even ditch coffee altogether.

Morning yoga classes might seem like a harsh schedule change, but nobody can argue with the myriad benefits of yoga in the morning. Evolve’s morning classes generally start between 9 and 10 am. View the full yoga classes schedule to plan your week. If work gets in the way, set your clock 30 minutes earlier than usual, and practice at home before heading off to work. Incorporating a morning workout into your daily schedule could be the key you’ve been missing to really seize the day.

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