Your First Evolve Yoga Class – What To Expect

New to Yoga? Thank you for visiting evolve Massage & Wellness in Hamilton for your first yoga experience!

What To Expect Upon Arrival At The Yoga Studio

At evolve we offer an intimate practice studio of up to 15 students. This allows teachers to focus more time on each individual and thus improving your yoga practice!

When you arrive to your first yoga class our front desk staff will greet you. Please check in at the front desk for every yoga class to ensure you are signed in to the yoga class you want to attend. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Latecomers will not be permitted into yoga class.

You will also be required to fill out a liability waiver before your first yoga class. You can download one here and bring it with you at your first visit.

After yoga class, please give us feedback about your experience. This gives us a chance to keep our yoga students happy by correcting any issues that may come up.

What To Expect From The Yoga Teachers

Yoga truly is an individual practice. We practice together for the collective energy and the community it creates. Every yoga teacher at evolve has their own way or style of teaching. You will experience a unique style of teaching in every yoga class you attend.

What To Expect In Yoga Class

A yoga studio is a quiet atmosphere where people come to find peace and relaxation, escaping from the commotion of life and work. Please respect others’ practice by following our studio etiquette: keeping quiet in the yoga room.

Breath is the most important aspect of your yoga practice. The end and the beginning of the yoga class are often spent being quiet and still laying flat on your back on your mat with awareness of breath. The yoga teacher will give you different instructions for body postures. Linked by breath you will move from one yoga posture to the next. While you practice you will also be given various cues for proper body alignments and breath awareness. You can work as hard or as gentle as you want/need in your yoga practice. Learning how to listen to your body respects your daily limits and requirements. Moving the body through yoga postures in a controlled and mindful way strengthens the body and lengthens the muscles – providing flexibility and a body more resilient to injury. If you need to leave the room or take a break from your yoga practice, feel free to do so.

Yoga Studio Etiquette

Don’t be late!
Please arrive 15 minutes early. Doors will be closed promptly at the start of each class. Latecomers will not be allowed into class.

Shoes are not allowed in the studio.
Please leave your shoes in the change room or in the closet at the reception before entering the studio.

No personal items allowed in the studio.
Bags, jackets, and cell phones are not allowed in the studio. Please leave them at home or in the change room.

Sign in at the front desk.
Please sign in at the front desk before class starts.

Silence in class.
Please observe silence in the studio out of respect for the instructor and other students.

Scent-free environment.
Please avoid using perfumes or other strong scents.

Keep studio doors closed.
Please keep studio doors closed to ensure the room stays at the appropriate temperature.

*Please note: Pregnant women are NOT permitted in the hot yoga classes.

Overheating your body during pregnancy, can be harmful to the developing baby.  According to medical research, a temperature that rises above 101 degrees Fahrenheit can be potentially dangerous. If your body temperature rises significantly, it can pose a threat to the unborn baby.  Some of the effects of overheating exposure can be developmental problems, fetal distress and miscarriage.

**Pregnant women are also only allowed to do the non hot yoga classes taught by Certified Prenatal Yoga Teachers. Currently that is Erica Evans, Alanna Folsom and Christine Ferguson.

*Please note: You must be over 13 to take any of the hot yoga classes.

Signing Up For Yoga Classes

You can purchase yoga classes by calling, visiting, or purchasing online (scroll to the bottom of the Book Classes Now page). To sign up for yoga classes you must have an online account with Mindbody. It’s free – easily create your Mindbody login and password here. You can also download the Mindbody Connect app on your iPhone or Android and sign in to classes from there. It’s so simple! Please note online registration closes 60 minutes before class time.

Styles Of Yoga Classes For All Levels And Conditions

If you have an injury, limited mobility, or stiff muscles and joints
Gentle Hatha classes help improve your flexibility and focus on breathing and basic yoga poses.

If you are new to yoga
Intro to Yoga classes are the best way to discover the yoga practice, proper alignments and names of yoga poses.

If you want to try a slower moving yoga class and to experience a deeper relaxation
Try Yin, Restorative (non-hot), and Relax & Rejuvenate (hot only) yoga classes.

If you are a little more experienced in your yoga practice and prefer a faster-paced class
Try Power Flow (hot only), Yin Yang, and Vinyasa yoga classes.

View all of the yoga class names and descriptions, as well as the yoga schedule here. Most of these classes are offered in both hot and non-hot (regular temperature) – check the class schedule for details.

What To Bring To Your Yoga Class

Yoga Mat
If you don’t have one, you can rent one for $2.

Water Bottle
You need to stay hydrated during the class. Please bring a re-useable bottle rather than plastic for the benefits of the environment.

If you don’t have one, you can rent one for $1.

Light Clothing
Wear breathable, comfortable clothing. You will sweat!

*Please leave all valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.*


We have lots of FREE parking. Parking and the entrance to Evolve is located at the back of the building. There are two entrances to the parking lot, one off of Upper Wentworth Street (you will see the Coldwell Banker Sign) and one off of Mohawk Road East. The parking lot runs along the entire back of the building so you can enter from either street. View the map.