IV Nutrition Therapy
Boost health and energy. Our IV Nutrition Therapy can help.

Book your Hamilton IV Nutrition Therapy appointment today. IV Nutrition Therapy treatments support metabolism, adrenals, anti-aging, detoxification, healthy skin and hair and more.

Why IV Nutrition Therapy?

IV nutrients are direct! IV is considered superior to oral supplementation (by mouth) because oral supplements depend on your digestive health and absorption ability. With IV therapy, we can achieve therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids by infusing them directly into your bloodstream.

Getting Started

Important note: A non-refundable $75 IV bag deposit—which is deducted from your total treatment cost—is required when you book your appointment. IV formulas are pre-ordered for your treatment and compounded in Toronto. If you need to cancel your appointment due to an emergency or illness, we will reschedule your appointment time without penalty, but the IV bag deposit will be forfeited.

  1. Schedule your appointment with the Naturopathic Doctor.
    • New ND patients – You will complete an intake form and an initial IVIT consultation prior to your IV infusion.
    • Existing ND patients – You will complete a 30-minute follow-up appointment prior to your IV infusion.
  2. Attend your initial consultation. This is required before starting IV treatment and includes a health history review, health goals, physical exams, lab work review/request and treatment plan.
    • Recent lab work from your other health care providers emailed before or brought to your appointment
    • Minimal lab work requirements: CBC (complete blood count), creatinine (kidney function), G6PD (if receiving 10g + vitamin C).
    • Note:
      • If you have lab results from another physician within three months, please send them to the clinic before the appointment.
      • These are basic lab requirements, though we may request other tests depending on your health history.

What to Expect at Your IV Nutrition Treatment

  • On the day of your appointment, you will start with a quick check-in and review the consent for treatment.
  • Your IV line will be started privately and then you will proceed with the infusion to the IV lounge, equipped with recliners and WI-FI.
  • Infusions typically range from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Please bring a water bottle, headphones, a book and a laptop/tablet for entertainment. You can also bring any of your favourite refreshments and snacks. Complementary hot water/tea and light snacks will also be available. Avoid caffeine prior to IV and drink plenty of water.

Give Your Body a Nutrient Boost – Our Naturopathic Doctor Can Help

We’re here to optimize your body’s natural healing systems. Improve your wellness today with IV Nutrient Therapy. Meet your Naturopathic doctor and the rest of the evolve team here.