Two women experiencing yoga class together

Experiencing Yoga Classes Together

Healing, relaxing yoga enhances your progress along your chosen spiritual path. The energy of a group adds a further dynamic, increasing the intensity and benefits of yoga classes for mind and body alike.

Perfecting Practices

When you first begin practicing yoga, you will find group classes offer a great support structure. Here, you can learn about asanas and pranayama under the guidance of a yoga teacher. You can amend poor posture, perfect your techniques, prevent injury and begin your journey within the safety of a group.

These classes are the best place to learn your limits. An experienced yogi will teach you when you have more to give, and will not let you push further than your breath allows.

The act of going to a group session offers further benefits, especially at the start of your journey. Classes help you establish a habit of regular practice in those crucial early days, while studios such as these at Evolve Massage in Hamilton are specially designed to reduce distraction and create a relaxing ambience. By making time to visit, you are committing to your journey. Best of all, you will be surrounded by other students on the same path. You can inspire each other to engage, focus and progress.

Common Purpose

As we each continue on our spiritual journeys, the people around us play important roles. We can learn much from the experiences of others, and group yoga classes give us the opportunity to consider different viewpoints. We each might be traveling separate paths, but we have a common purpose.

The pursuit of this common goal means great friendships are often formed within group classes. We all need a community, and creating a supportive, loving social circle helps to bring balance to our lives. Coming together to practise and cultivate a positive group energy enhances our progression along the spiritual path, introducing us to new ideas that support our growth.

Group Flow

As fabulous as our new mastery and friends are, these are not the only reasons we choose to experience yoga together.

Companionship helps to keep us focused. We concentrate on our bodies and their connection to our minds and become completely immersed in the practice. It is a state Steven Kotler refers to in his book, The Rise of Superman, as “flow,” although others have called it “mindfulness” or “being present”.

Whatever you name it, this concept is one of the greatest gifts of group yoga classes – a collective awareness that helps us evolve to a higher state.

Your Journey

The mastery of any form of yoga takes discipline, time and focus. It is not an easy process, and surrounding yourself with a like-minded community at group yoga classes ensures you enjoy your journey every step of the way.

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