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The Benefits of Yoga Classes in Hamilton

With so many different practices to choose from, yoga classes in Hamilton offer benefits to students from every walk of life.

Yoga Through the Ages

Yoga for Kids

Yoga classes for young children are free-form and fun. They focus on teaching the benefits of asanas (breathing) and being present.

For younger children who are learning to express themselves, yoga can provide a welcome relief from everyday frustrations. School-age children can perfect coping mechanisms and stress-management techniques that will support them throughout their lives.

Yoga for Tweens

As children approach adolescence, developing the mind-body connection can help them to support self-esteem and address anxieties of the type common during puberty. Yoga for Tweens is great for complete beginners, as well as for those progressing from the kids’ class. It introduces students to asanas and pranayama (posture) in an encouraging, fun and inspiring environment.

Yoga programs for kids and tweens are generally available during the summer and March Break.

Your Journey

Yoga is beneficial to adults of all ages, and can help us balance the pressures of busy lives, support our bodies as they age, and maintain optimum health. At whatever age you choose to begin your journey, you will find yoga classes in Hamilton tailored to your needs.

Hot vs. Non-Hot

Hot Yoga takes place in a heated studio. Many yogis choose this practice to enhance the detoxifying effects of yoga, boost calorie burn and increase muscle flexibility. You do not need to commit to studying only one form; you can pair hot yoga with non-hot classes, which take place at ambient temperatures.

Dynamic Classes

If you are looking to increase muscle strength, tone your body and improve fitness, then free-flowing, fast-paced Vinyasa classes are the perfect choice. At Evolve Massage in Hamilton, we offer a full selection of both hot and non-hot yoga practices, including Power Flow (hot), Core Flow (hot) and Yoga with Weights (reduced heat).

These powerful and energetic classes focus on enhancing the mind-body connection through continuous movement and are suitable for students at all levels. Power Flow links movements to breath and strengthens the whole body, while Core Flow focuses on postures to improve strength in the core and back. Yoga with Weights adds additional resistance to free-flowing Vinyasa to help you strengthen and tone the muscles.

Relaxing Classes

Our relaxing yoga classes provide an escape from the stresses of modern life, and feature something for everyone. Achieve peace, calm, and relaxation with Candlelight Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and other forms.

Candlelight Yoga is a hot class that delivers a welcome decompression at the end of the day. This class focuses on relaxing tired muscles, de-stressing and detoxifying your body, so it’s a great choice for students at all levels. Gentle Hatha is a fantastic option for those with chronic injuries or joint pain, while Restorative Yoga encourages deeper relaxation through its practice of holding poses for an extended period.

For a revitalizing experience, why not join us for Yoga in the Park? It’s a great class for meeting fellow yogis in Hamilton and is open to students at all levels.

Yoga Classes in Hamilton

When it comes to yoga classes in Hamilton, we’re spoiled for choice. Here at Evolve Massage, we offer classes to suit your preferred lifestyle. Join us and discover the benefits yoga can bring to your life.

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